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Flotilla Meetings:  Unless otherwise noted on the Flotilla Calendar Casco Bay Flotilla meetings are held at the Rusty Scupper Club,  U.S. Coast Guard Complex, South Portland, Maine, on the second Monday of each month at 1900. Uniform for meetings:

1 April through October 31 is TROPICAL BLUE or SERVICE DRESS BLUE

1 November through 31 March is SERVICE DRESS BLUE,  WINTER DRESS BLUE, or TROPICAL BLUE  which can be worn year around. 

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Flotilla What's New
Safe Boating During Social Distancing

AUXDATA to AUXDATA II Transition Notice


For the next few weeks, during the transition between AUXDATA and AUXDATA II:
  • Exams completed in the NTC since 30 March 2020 will be entered into the new AUXDATA II system once it is online and will continue at regular intervals.

    The AuxDirectory databases will resume receiving updates when the new AUXDATA II system is online.

    Courses completed through AUXLMS and the Moodle Online Classroom will be entered into the new AUXDATA II system once it is online and will continue at regular intervals.

    For our Flotilla - Several officers came together to setup temporary tracking of your member training accomplishments until AUXDATA II is up, working properly, and training is provided. There is some confusion on where to send your completion certificates and depending on what you are sending, different officers are receiving certificates. We want to be sure that you are given credit for any training you do, whether it be CORE training, FEMA training or any other online training. Effective immediately any certificates or proof of training of any kind should be sent to this email address: auxtrak21@gmail.com

    We have setup a tracking system that will record all of your accomplishments in one place along with your EMPLID, credential and date of submission. This will be tracked by our Member Training Officer, Dick Cobb and certificates will be forwarded to the proper destination when appropriate. NOTE: Please do not send certificates directly to Como Belmore. She prefers that they flow through the Member Training officer.

    AUXDATA II will have new training offerings and means of tracking, so we expect this to be an interim solution.

    To submit training outcomes:

    1. Be sure to give your EMPLID
    2. Attach any completion certificates or screen dumps as evidence.
    3. Give date
    of Completion
    4. Email to
    5. Acknowledgement of receipt will be sent to you.

Downtime Training Available

Now might be a good time to focus on your own personal and professional advancement in the Auxiliary. Here are three options for you to consider:

Auxiliary Patrols (AuxPat)
This course provides the knowledge necessary to perform safe, effective and efficient safety and regatta patrols. It covers information on how safety and regatta patrols are organized and conducted. It also provides a review of crew duties, communications protocols, safety and survival equipment, and health hazards to the crew.

The course is especially relevant for Boat Crew, but open to all.

This will be a self-study class. Students will be expected to read the Student Study Guide and answer questions at the end of each chapter. Instructors will be available for 2 to 3 virtual media sessions during which important aspects of the course will covered and questions answered. These on-line sessions will be scheduled for mid to late May and mid-June. A proctored test will be available once the Auxiliary is authorized to resume activities.
Credit for the course will be given upon successful completion of the proctored test.
AUXPAT is an elective course counting as one credit toward the AUXOP qualification. Seven credits are required to attain AUXOP status.

You can find the Student Study Guide here: http://cgaux.org/training/AUXOP/AUXPAT/AUXPAT_Student.pdf
Please indicate your interest and refer questions to: Bill Thornton fsoop21c@uscgauxsoportlandme.com and Dick Cobb fsomt21c@uscgauxsoportlandme.com

Auxiliary Weather (AuxWea)
AUXWEA, the Auxiliary Weather Specialty course, is designed to provide knowledge of weather, its importance in the marine environment and to the conduct of safe and effective operations and avoid dangerous on-water weather conditions.
AUXWEA is now available within the Auxiliary Classroom and is configured for self-paced learning. This course contains all presentations and documentation as well as additional resources to help you be successful.
A proctored close-book test with a score of 75% or better is required in order to successfully complete the course. A proctored test can be scheduled once the Auxiliary is authorized to resume normal operations credit toward the AUXOP qualification. Seven credits are required to attain AUXOP status.
This class is available on-line at:
AUXWEA is an elective course counting as one credit toward the AUXOP qualification. Seven credits are required to attain AUXOP status.
Please indicate your interest and refer questions to: Dick Cobb fsomt21c@uscgauxsoportlandme.com

Auxiliary Instructor
Completing the Instructor Development Course allows members to participate in another of the primary missions of the Coast Guard Auxiliary. The IT certification will allow you to participate in the promotion of recreational boating safety through Public Education and to instruct in the many Auxiliary Member Training courses. The course is conducted by an IT mentor working with the trainee to pass an open book exam and successfully complete Performance Qualification System (PQS) tasks. Following the completion of PQS tasks, the trainee will be required to conduct training events in accordance with the IDC course material. A certified mentor instructor will evaluate the event presentations.
The course introduces the 14 Instructor Competencies as defined by the International Board of Standards for Training, Performance, and Instruction (IBSTPI). It offers procedures and tools that can best be used when conducting a training event, and it provide opportunities for participants to practice using tools and techniques in actual training situations.
Information on becoming an Auxiliary Instructor can be found at:
Note that the PQS cannot be completed until the Auxiliary is authorized to resume normal operations.
If you are interested in becoming an Instructor, please contact:
Mentor Instructor Everett Henry fsope21c@uscgauxsoportlandme.com
Two Click AUXINFO Page Update  The Two Click AUXINFO REPORT page has been updated with new links for 2020. Additional comments have also been added to make links descriptions clearer. The reason for it's name is in two clicks you can get information about yourself.  The first click is for what you are looking for.  The second click is on your name on the page that comes up from the first click and will have your details for what you are looking for. All links for 2020 are now connected but may not yet have information in them yet.  Prior year's links have also been updated and should work for previous years.   Our FSO/IS and FSO/CS can help you if you need help with AUXINFO.  Don't hesitate to contact either of them for help.
Did you know that Walt Disney drew a logo for the U.S. Coast Guard's Corsair Fleet. An image of  just the Walt Disney Logo can be found  at this link or colored Disney logo at this link.  If you look closely at the image's background images, and know a little something about Coast Guard History, you may be able to figure out who the Corsair Fleet was.  If not check out this link.

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A link to a copy of the  Flotilla Meeting Notice/Newsletter can found on Publication page on the Flotilla 2-1 Alternate Site.

As they become available Flotilla Meeting Minutes and Staff Meeting Notes can be found on the Members Only page.  Members please login into the Members Only page with your AuxDirectory Credentials to view them.

The menu on this page and all other page will get you to an area of member interest and also to the public side of our Flotilla Website. The top horizontal menu it the exact same menu you find on the National Website


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2020 Flotilla Strategic Plan

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For quick links to Member Information that you may be looking for please visit the District's Members Information page were you will find links to the following areas:  Member Information (D1NR); News Center; D1NR Links; National Information (National).

The Member Training link on the District website will take you to a page that advertised where member training is available through other flotillas in the district.

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The Flotilla Calendar link will take you the the Flotilla Calendar Page that will let you know what, where, and when things are happening in the flotilla, Division, and District.  Many of the items on the on the Flotilla Calendar page have links on them that will give you additional information if you click on them.

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Flotilla Officers:  If you want to know who your Flotilla Officers are or want  to contact them you can find that information of the Flotilla Officers page.  There are also some links on the Officers Page for their office to other pages for what  they are responsible for. This same information is available on the AuxDirectory/Auxofficer.

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The Materials page is where you get your supplies to do your auxiliary activities.  There is a link to a Online Order Form where you can order materials from the Flotilla Staff Officer Materials.  Links to District and National Catalogs can also be found on the Materials page.  You can then order what you need on the Online Order Form You can also find links to Free Software and viewers on the materials page.  Links to the Forms and Manuals are also on the Materials page.  Uniform information can also be found here.

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Meeting Notice/Newsletter:  A copy in Adobe PDF format of the most recent Flotilla, Meeting Notice/Newsletter is available on our Publication page on the Flotilla 2-1 Alternate Site.  If you right click on the Meeting Notice link and choose "Save Target As"  it will download a copy to your computer hard drive.  Be sure to note where it is being saved.  If you just click on the link normal it will open it in you web browser. 

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Member Training has links to everything that has to do with member training.  Whether it be AUXOP, Other Member Training, Online Training and Testing it's all on the Member Training Page.

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myCGaux Guide Links

The below links are "how too" video instruction guides for myCGaux.  Just click on link and it should open in a new window ready to view.  These guides and more can also be fond on myCGaux under menu item "Directories" and then find "MyCGaux Guides"

An introduction to Flotilla Groups

Email Notifications: Turn Off All Notifications

Add Friends

An Overview of Group Events

Posting to a Community

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