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History Notes 1956-1960

Collected by James L. Williams, SM 3c

 Complied by Vernon A. Clarkson, USCG Auxiliary, Flotilla 201 


1.        More PlC classes initiated.

2.        There were rumors of passing out CMBE decals at yacht clubs.

3.        Dr. Edwin Kay and Harland Bruns elected as flotilla Commander and Vice Commander.

4.        On February 15 John Welch and Alvin Littlefield died.

5.        The new phonetic alphabet became effective March 1, 1956.

6.        Sunset patrols in Casco Bay were initiated.

7.        Division II extends from Kittery to Sequin light.


     Flotilla 201 Casco Bay

  Flotilla 203 Ogunquit

   Flotilla 204 Saco Bay


8.        US Power Squadron at the Portland Yacht Club has requested CMBE’s for all its boats.

9.                 A field day was held at Jim William’s on August 19.



1.        Dr. Kay raised money for a projector.

2.        All vessel radios must have 15 watt input as of July 1, 1959.

3.        Flotilla 201 holding two meetings per month. One meeting is for training and is to include:

a.   Outboard motors--one nig

b.   Safe boating--three nights

c.   A new seamanship course--eight nights

d.   Boating traffic aids-—one night

e.   Safety rules--one night

4.        Dr. Kay and Ku Chu seem to be the center of Flotilla 201 activity.

5.        12 USCG cutter cruises open to Auxiliarists have been scheduled.  These include places such as Bermuda, Curtis Bay and Provincetown Harbor.



1.        The USCG may use auxiliary personnel for assistance at the coast guard station.

2.        New weather signals:

   a.     1 red pennant-—small craft warning--up to 33 knot winds

b.     2 red pennants—-gale—-34-48 knot winds

c.     1 red flag, black center--whole gale--48-63 knot winds

d.     2 red flags, black center-—hurricane--64 plus knots

3.        Flotilla 201 commander elect was James Williams.

4.       Two PIC classes started in Portland and Augusta. There were two 30-minute live TV shows, two weeks of spot TV announcements, five radio stations with spots for a week and two newspaper releases.

5.        Carbon tetrachloride is no longer an acceptable fire control agent because of lethal fumes.

6.        There will be five three-week cutter cruises available. 

7.        Went to Jim Williams’ for a lobster boil.



1.        Harland Bruns elected Commodore and Dr. Kay elected Division Captain.

2.        Flotilla 201 has PIC courses in Portland and Lewiston.

3.        Radio procedure-—call on 2182Kc and then talk on another frequency.

4.        More Bermuda cruises scheduled.

5.        The new mouth-to-mouth method of resuscitation should be learned by everyone.

6.                 New federal law on boat registration has been delayed one year due to lack of funds.



1.        Wm. Manning, past flotilla commander and a temporary 

reserve during World War II, died.

2.        In Maine undocumented boats must be numbered under the Federal Boat Act of 1958 by July 1, 1960. The fee of $3.00 is good for three years. Forms are available at the post office.

3.        Charlie Lang had two heart attacks.

4.        Flotilla 201 started an eight-session PIC class with 120 students. Live TV shows and a black light presentation publicized the classes.

5.        Maine and New Hampshire will continue to use federal boat numbers. Other New England states will use state registration numbers.




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