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These Photo Albums requires that you have Flash Player on any device that you want to view them on.  Photo Albums will not work on Apple moble devices (iPhone - iPad) using the built in Safari Web Browser. However it will work on Apple's line of computers with Safari and Flash.   Apple's Safari for PC also works with the Photo Albums as long as the Flash Viewer is installed on the PC. Theses Photo Albums will work on iPhone and Ipad using an alternate Web Browser that has a Flash Player built in and are available in the iTunes App Store.  Just search for Flash Web Browser or Flash Player.

Click on link below that you want to view.  The page will come up in a new window  and once it loads you can click on each thumb nail photo to advance to next photo or hover you cursor over the large image just outside left or right borders and you will get an arrow to move forward or back to a photo.  You can also hover with you cursor just inside the middle bottom border to click on an auto advance (slideshow) button.

If you hover top middle inside of large image you will get an image of a magnifing glass.  If you click in the image it will open it in another window so you can save the image with a right click on the image and choose "Save Picture As".

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  Change Of Watch - January       
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  Flotilla Change Of Watch - January    D-Train - February   
  Coast Guard Open House - May  Flotilla Awards Dinner - June     
  Flotilla Picnic - July  Lighthouse Day - September     
  Flotilla Holiday Party - December   
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  Captain James Kirk - April  Flotilla Award Dinner - June  
  Tall Ships - July  
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   Flotilla Change OF Watch - January CG Helo MMC - April   
    Coast Guard Open House - May  Flotilla Awards Dinner - June    
   Flotilla Picnic - July  Patrol - July   
   MS Harborfest -  August  Lighthouse Day - September    
     Tugboat Training Ride - October New Member Coffee - November    
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   Flotilla Change Of Watch - January Flotilla Awards Dinner - June  
  auxline image   
   Coast Guard Open House - June   U.S. Coast Guard Eagle Visit - July  
   Eagle Reception - July   Boat Crew Training -  September  
   Lighthouse Day - September Flying Santa - December   
  auxline image   
  Flotilla Change Of Watch - January    
  auxline image  
  Open House    
  auxline image  
  Open House Tug Muster  
  auxline image  
    Open House  June Ops  
  Tug Muster    
  auxline image  
  SAR Day - May Lobsterboat Race - Patrol  
   Auxlilary Camporee     
  auxline image   
  Flotilla Change Of Watch - January Hero Parade - January  
  Iwo Jima Patrol - July Tugboat Muster - August  
  Lobster Bake - August Holiday Party - December  
  auxline image   
  Lobster Bake - August Holiday Party - December  
  auxline image   
  Flotilla Change Of Watch - January  Flotilla Trip March - 2003   
  ATON Training - April SAR - Day May  
  Group Portland Press Day - June Flotilla Awards Dinner - June  
  Flotilla Lunchon - June U. S. Coast Guard Cutter Eagle Visit - July   
  Lobster Boil - August   
  auxline image   
  Flotilla Meeting - February Crew Training - May  
  Training Patrol June    
  auxline image   
  Flotilla Change Of Watch - January Coast Guard Openhouse - May  
  Flotilla Awards Dinner - October   Flotilla Picnic - July  
  Peaks Island Swim Patrol - August   Lobster Boil - August  
  auxline image   
  Flotilla Awards Dinner - June Flotilla Picnic - July  
  Opsail - July Lobster Boil - August  
  Chief Harris - Change Of Watch - December  
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  Flotilla Rendezvous - Snow Island - July  
  auxline image   
  Flotilla Rendezvous - Snow Island - July  

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