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Other Member Training

 If you are looking for AUXOP Course listings click here > Flotilla AUXOP  Training Courses.

Links to all Other Flotilla Member Training will be found on this page.    When you click on a link on the Other Member Training Menu below, it will take you to a block of information about that course or item.  You can return to the menu by clicking on "Return to Menu" below each block or scroll down the page to see the rest of the blocks.   

The Flotilla Calendar will  also  have links to this page when they are scheduled.

If there is no date or a day in the date column then that course is not being offered at the present time or the near future.   Month and year are left so the FSO/MT will know when it was last given and to help membership know about when to expect it again.  Instructor names on these pages with no date are there to help FSO/MT know who last taught that course and chapter.

Please check the Member Training Menu for other options that you may have.

Please remember that any forms that you may need you can find links to those forms on the Forms and Manuals Page under  Materials on the menu.

Other Member Training Menu

 New Member Course

 Instructor Development  Course  Vessel Examiner Course
 Boat Crew Training Boat Crew/Coxswain Training   Operations Nav Rules
Patrol Training Aids to Navigation - Full Day Workshop Ice Reporting, Bridges & ATON Training 

  First Aid & CRP Training

   TCT Training
AUXINFO Training 

 What's New From the Chief Directory Website  

Auxiliary Knowledge Base 
 AuxDirectory Video on Usig Search feature



ON-LINE ICS Registration and Courses

Links will open in a new window

This sould be your first stop. This link ICS Registration will take you to the registraton page to  your SID number and password to take the tests.

These two links ICS-100 FEMA and ICS-700 FEMA are the two required Mandated FEMA Courses.  These links will take you directly to the start of the course.  After you click on the link all you have to do is click on "Begin Course". When you are done, there should be a link to take the test that will require your SID Number and password that you can obtain by the ICS Registration link above.

 ICS-200 FEMA   ICS-800 FEMA

Mandated Training Videos
Security Fundamentals (SETA 810030)  - Course Time - 00:18:06 
Ethics 1 / Personal Gifts (ET 502306)  -  Course Time - 0055:58
Sexual Harassment Prevention (POSH 810000) - Course Time - 00:33:19
Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAP 810045) - 00:44:04
Influenza Training (INF 502290) - Course Time - 00:16:51
Building Resilience and Preventing Suicide (SP 502379) - Course Time - 1:02:59
Civil Rights Awareness (CRA 502319) - Course Time - 00:30:00
Privacy at DHS/Protecting Personal Information (PAWAR 810015) - Course Time - 00:31:11

These Trainng Video can be found on the National Training Website. After on login in the login area on the menu click on menu item Mandated Training, the click on   "Videos, PPTs, PDFs" and choose which on you want to see.  They are all on this page is you scroll down the page.

D1NR Mandated Training Attestation Form


The below links are "how too" video instruction guides for myCGaux.  Just click on link and it shoud open in a new window ready to view.  These guides and more can also be fond on myCGaux under menu item "Directories" and then find "MyCGaux Guides"

An introduction to Flotilla Groups

Email Notifications: Turn Off All Notifications

Add Frineds

An Overview of Group Events

Posting to a Community





    Instructor Development Course  

This course is available online with online testing.  You will need your AuxDirectory credentials to logon to the IDC area.  Links are there for Materials for the course as well as testing. Once you complete the online portion of the course you can complete the rest of the requirements with our FSO/PE to complete the oral (Apendex B) and presentation requirements.

For more information contact  FSO/ PE


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 New Member Course

Click Here For New Member Training Materials

For more information contact FSO/HR

Date Instructor Material Covered Time Place
12 April All FSO's Introduction to the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary 1830 Classroom Base S. Portland
19 April John Byrne

Chapters 1 - History, Purpose & Administration of the USCG Auxiliary

Chapter 2 - Auxiliary Missions

Chapter 4 - Auxiliary Organizational Structure

1830 Classroom Base S. Portland
26 April Gerry Moore

Chapter 5 - Regulations & Policies

Chapter 7 - Human Resources

Chapter 8 - Membership Training & Qualifications

1830 Classroom Base S. Portland
3 May Brad Thompson

Chapter 3 - Membership

Chapter 6 - Coast Guard & Coast Guard Auxiliary Support & Basic Materials

1830 Classroom Base S. Portland
10 May

Dennis Morelli

 Chapter 10 - Uniforms

Chapter 11 - Auxiliary Member Recognition

1830   Classroom Base S. Portland
17 May John Byrne Final Exam 1830 Classroom Base S. Portland
24 May

John Byrne

Photo's -Fingerprints - Applications 1830 Classroom Base S. Portland


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Vessel Examiner Course

For information on doing this course on line Click Here. Once you complete the online portion you will need to complete the basic 5 VSC with a qualified Examiner.

For more information contact FSO/VE 

Date Chapter Instructor Time Place
 4/00/08 Chapters 1 . 1900 Classroom Base S. Portland
. Chapter 2 . 1900 Classroom Base S. Portland
. Chapter 3 . 1900 Classroom Base S. Portland
. Chapters 4 . 1900 Classroom Base S. Portland
. Chapters 5 . 1900 Classroom Base S. Portland
  Final Exam . 1900 Classroom Base S. Portland


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 Boat Crew Training

For more information contact FSO/OP 

Date Chapter Chapter Title Instructor Time Place
1/9/2018 - "Orientation", distribute materials and answer questions Brad Thompson   1830 Station Classroom
1/16/2018 1 "Boat Crew Duties and Responsibilities", Jim Maxner 1830 Station Classroom
1/23/2018 3 "Auxiliary Operational Missions/Patrols", Brad Thompson   1830 Station Classroom
1/30/2018 - Review and Check-offs   1830 Station Classroom
2/8/2018 5 "Crew Efficiency Factors" Steve Shane 1830 Station Classroom
2/13/2018 2 "First Aid" Steve Shane 1830 Station Classroom
2/20/2018 6 "Survival Equipment & Pyrotechnics" Stuart Gelder 1830 Station Classroom
2/27/2018 - Review and Check-offs   1830 Station Classroom
3/6/2018 7 "Marlinespike Seamanship" Richard Robichaud 1830 Station Classroom
3/13/2018 11


"Communications" and "Fire Fighting" John Hume

   John Byrne    

1830 Station Classroom


 "Aids to Navigation & NavRules" Win  Pillsbury 1830 Station Classroom
3/27/2018 - Review and Check-offs   1830 Station Classroom
4/3/2018 16 "Area of Responsibility" & "Person-In-The-Water Recovery", Chapter 16 Jim Maxner 1830 Station Classroom
4/10/2018 14 "Navigation I" Billy Thorton 1830 Station Classroom
4/17/2017 14 "Navigation II" Billy Thorton 1830 Station Classroom
4/24/2018 - Review and Check-offs   1830 Station Classroom
5/1/2018 17 "Towing"

 Brad Thompson

1830 Station Classroom
5/8/2018 - Review & Check-offs   1830 Station Classroom


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Operations Nav Rules

For more information contact FSO/OP

This will be a study of the Navigation Rules, a.k.a., COLREGS, the rules governing steering and sailing ("stand on" vs "give way"), lights & shapes, and sound and light signals. The last session will be the Nav Rules Exam, required for coxswain qualification.

Date Chapter Instructor Time Place
1/00/2004 Orientation & Part A . 1900 Classroom Base S. Portland
. Part B


1900 Classroom Base S. Portland
. Part C . 1900 Classroom Base S. Portland
. Part D . 1900 Classroom Base S. Portland
. Part E & Review . 1900 Classroom Base S. Portland
. Nav Rules Exam . 1900 Classroom Base S. Portland

The class will be open to any interested member, with the understanding that the priority order will be coxswains and coxswain candidates, qualified crew, crew trainees, and others. Please, only seriously interested students!


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First Aid & CPR Training

For more information contact FSO/MT  

Or Course instructor Steve Shane 


Two CPR/First Aid classes have set up for the members of our flotilla. I am starting with only two classes this year as last year I scheduled several and ended up having to cancel some for lack of interest. Rest assured, I will hold more classes if there is interest. If you are unable to make either of these dates, please fill out the form at the bottom of this sections.

These classes will be taught under the auspices of the American Safety and Health Institute. This agency is the same one that I uses to certify the Gold Side's boat crews.

As reminder, all CPR and First Aid certifications are good for two years. If you took a class last year you do not need to take it again this year (although you are welcome to). If you took a class prior to last year, your certification has expired, and should be renewed. We are specially encouraging all members involved in operations to be sure to be qualified due to the nature of our mission. However, it should be noted that these classes are not just for operations. Vessel examiners, marine safety personnel, and just plain folks will benefit from having this knowledge (or perhaps someone else close to you will benefit from your knowledge).

New this year, the two classes will be different, the first one will be only for Auxiliarist that have a current, or recently expired (2 or 3 months) CPR/First Aid certification. This re-certification class is a little shorter. It will begin at 0800 and hopefully be over before 1200. This course will be on TBA- Re-certification class for those currently certified or just expired

The second class will be the full CPR/First Aid initial certification. This class will start at 0900, break for lunch, and hopefully be through before 1500 (the exact timing depends on the skill of the participants and the discussions generated).  This class will be offered on the following two Saturdays, TBA,  in the South Portland Coast Guard Station classroom (more classes of each type will be set up if demand requires)

Please pick the class that best fits your needs and schedule. I need to point out that there is a strict limit of 10 students per class. Once you have decided on which class you want to participate in, please email me as soon as you can. This is a first come, first serve situation. Again, due to changing cost of the certification cards, there has to be an $10.00 charge for taking the class. As an additional service to our members, I will have at the class a nifty little key ring packet that contains a CPR mouth shield and a pair of gloves that can be purchased for $5.00. These are very small and quite handy to have.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me or use the form below. Again, as a reminder, due to the time it takes to set up the manikins, just showing up the day of the class will not work. Be sure to email me your choice of class dates as soon as you can to insure a spot.


Stephen L. Shane,  Instructor




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TCT Training

What: TCT Class,  


Where:  USCG South Portland Station Classroom

Uniform: Working Blue or ODU


For more information contact FSO/MT  

If you are currently in the Boat crew program, thinking about it, or are already in operations and have NOT had TCT training in the past five years you will need to complete TCT Training to stay active in operations. 



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