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Other Member Training

 If you are looking for AUXOP Course listings click here > Flotilla AUXOP  Training Courses.

Links to all Other Flotilla Member Training will be found on this page.    When you click on a link on the Other Member Training Menu below, it will take you to a block of information about that course or item.  You can return to the menu by clicking on "Return to Menu" below each block or scroll down the page to see the rest of the blocks.   

The Flotilla Calendar will  also  have links to this page when they are scheduled.

If there is no date or a day in the date column then that course is not being offered at the present time or the near future.   Month and year are left so the FSO/MT will know when it was last given and to help membership know about when to expect it again.  Instructor names on these pages with no date are there to help FSO/MT know who last taught that course and chapter.

Please check the Member Training Menu for other options that you may have.

Please remember that any forms that you may need you can find links to those forms on the Forms and Manuals Page under  Materials on the menu.

Other Member Training Menu

Auxiliary Core Training
Introductions to Risk Management   Operations Nav Rules
 New Member Course

 New Member Training Materials

BQ II Training   Vessel Examiner Course
Boat Crew Training  Coxswain Training What's New From the Chief Directory Website
 AuxDirectory Video on Using Search feature     TCT Training How To AUXDATA II
(Requires AuxDirectory Login)
Auxiliary Knowledge Base   Instructor Development  Course     First Aid & CRP Training
  On-Line ICS Registration and Courses  

    Instructor Development Course  

Notice to Instructor canadates that took the instructor exam before 1 January 2020

If you downloaded course materials before 1 January 2020 you will need to re-download the material again and review them before doing your PQS's. There was an update to the materials and the PQS's have changed.

This course is available online with online testing. 

Here is a rundown on what you need to do: 

1. If you don't have AuxDirectory login credentials you need to first get them here.

Instructions Here:  How to get AuxDirectory and Member Zone Login Credentials  

2. Everything that you need for the Instructor Development Course can be downloaded in PDF form from here.  You will need to login with your AuxDirectory Login Credentials. After you logon all files that you need will be there.  Just right click on each file link and choose Save Link As and the will download the files to you download file folder. There is also a link there to take the test online.


3. Once you have completed the test with a passing score the next step is to do the PQS Appendix B with your Public Education Officer. It's all memory work and doesn't have to be done in one sitting. Past instructors have done this with the PE officer during our BS&S Wednesday courses once class has started and he is no longer needed in the classroom. Do what you can then come back to do some more until you get it all done. There is all the option of doing some of this before a Flotilla Meeting. Unfortunately because of COVID current options are not available.  However the PE officer is willing to meet with you, weather permitting, at an outdoor location to complete PQS Requirements.


4. You will also need to complete a 15 to 30 minute presentation on a subject of your choice which we usually have this done at a staff meeting or flotilla meeting.


5. The last step is a 2 hours instructing time of an approved Public Education or Member Training course.  Most recent instructor have done this by doing one of the New Member Training subjects when we have a new member training course scheduled which we do several times a year.

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SMCC's Active Shooter Training

For more information contact  FSO/ PE

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Vessel Examiner Course

For information on doing this course on line Click Here. Once you complete the online portion you will need to complete the basic 5 VSC with a qualified Examiner.

For more information contact FSO/VE 

Date Chapter Instructor Time Place
 4/00/08 Chapters 1 . 1900 Classroom Base S. Portland
. Chapter 2 . 1900 Classroom Base S. Portland
. Chapter 3 . 1900 Classroom Base S. Portland
. Chapters 4 . 1900 Classroom Base S. Portland
. Chapters 5 . 1900 Classroom Base S. Portland
  Final Exam . 1900 Classroom Base S. Portland


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Operations Nav Rules

For more information contact FSO/OP

This will be a study of the Navigation Rules, a.k.a., COLREGS, the rules governing steering and sailing ("stand on" vs "give way"), lights & shapes, and sound and light signals. The last session will be the Nav Rules Exam, required for coxswain qualification.

Date Chapter Instructor Time Place
1/00/2004 Orientation & Part A . 1900 Classroom Base S. Portland
. Part B


1900 Classroom Base S. Portland
. Part C . 1900 Classroom Base S. Portland
. Part D . 1900 Classroom Base S. Portland
. Part E & Review . 1900 Classroom Base S. Portland
. Nav Rules Exam . 1900 Classroom Base S. Portland

The class will be open to any interested member, with the understanding that the priority order will be coxswains and coxswain candidates, qualified crew, crew trainees, and others. Please, only seriously interested students!


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TCT Training

What: TCT Class,  


Where:  USCG South Portland Station Classroom

Uniform:  ODU


For more information contact FSO/MT  

If you are currently in the Boat crew program, thinking about it, or are already in operations and have NOT had TCT training in the past five years you will need to complete TCT Training to stay active in operations. 



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